Hi my name is Lauryn and as a child I always had problems with my skin, mainly with eczema and acne. I spent time over the years searching for products that would help to reduce to eliminate the problem altogether. Doctors would prescribe topical ointments that seemed to help sometimes and temporarily, and these were steroids or some form of chemical. I wanted a natural option so I started researching and testing different natural products that would help my situation. I finally found combinations of natural products that would help me and now I am sharing them with you. Not only do I have products for the skin, I also have hair products.  If you know anything about me, I mainly use the products I create on my hair and it has been great watching the growth. It also helps that my mother is a licensed cosmetologist, and we have a close friend of the family who is a medical doctor. Both have given me advice and input into helping me create the products I share. I hope these products work as great for you as they do for me.  Enjoy!
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